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  • Heavy Duty Extension Springs

    Heavy Duty Extension Springs

    Heavy duty extension springs are mainly used for the machinery furniture, household appliances, hardware and plastics products , with the high tensile strength alloy material. It can be one time molding with high elastic spring steel wire. Our extension springs with hook ends... Contact Now
  • Stainless Steel Extension Springs

    Stainless Steel Extension Springs

    Product Introduction Stainless steel extension springs with with special hooks are made of high-elastic imported wire.This kind of small extension springs are mainly used for all kinds of toys, lights, bags, gifts, stationery and electronic products. Our company has an... Contact Now
  • Steel Music Wire Extension Springs

    Steel Music Wire Extension Springs

    Product Description Steel music wire extension springs are made of music wire which is stronger than stainless steel. The end of the spring is a fully torsion ring for firm fixation. The bearing capacity of music wire extension spring is 0.77 pounds, the highest working... Contact Now
  • Door Extension Springs

    Door Extension Springs

    Product Description Door extension springs are made by high tensile strength spring steel wire , long service life, large elastic force, can be used for all kinds of furniture, pilates chairs and so on. The surface can be black oxide or galvanized and has passed the... Contact Now
  • Industrial Extension Springs

    Industrial Extension Springs

    Industrial extension springs have the characteristics of large force, long fatigue life and high strength. They are mainly customized according to the drawings of customers. The material is high-strength alloy steel wire, such as 60Si2Mn/55CrSi/50CrVA. It is mainly exported... Contact Now
  • Long Extension Springs

    Long Extension Springs

    Product Description Long extension springs is characterized by its long length and unlimited length. It is produced according to customer requirements and is mainly used for curtains, all kinds of transportation, metal and plastic products. It can be molded in one time by CNC... Contact Now
  • Strong Extension Springs

    Strong Extension Springs

    Strong extension springs are specially designed for high strength and high density machinery, featuring high tensile strength, long service life (1000000 times -- 5000000 times), high hardness, good elasticity, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance of 1100℃,... Contact Now
  • Safety Extension Spring

    Safety Extension Spring

    Safety extension spring has large elastic force, strong fatigue resistance and high strength. It is made of high quality oil-tempered alloy steel wire. Our company can produce large extension springs with a diameter of 8.0-80.0mm, which can be used in the form of cold coil or... Contact Now
  • Extension Springs for Trampoline

    Extension Springs for Trampoline

    Product Description Extension springs for trampolineare made of high-elastic spring steel wire with long fatigue life, high elastic force, with wire diameter of 3.0mm/3.2mm/3.5mm and a length of 140mm/190mm/240mm. It can be customized according to the customer's actual... Contact Now
  • Garage Door Torsion Springs

    Garage Door Torsion Springs

    Garage door torsion springs adopts high strength carbon spring steel wire or high strength alloy steel wire, such as 60Si2Mn material, 55CrSi material, high hardness of spring, long fatigue life, anti-rust oil on surface, black oxide finish, etc. Garage torsion spring can be... Contact Now
  • Small Torsion Springs

    Small Torsion Springs

    Product Introduction Small torsion springs The small torsion spring is a torsion spring with two coils separated by a space to reduce friction. They consist of a coil on the right hand side and a coil on the left hand side. These parts are designed separately and the total... Contact Now
  • Spiral Torsion Spring

    Spiral Torsion Spring

    Spiral torsion spring is supplied by Xianbgying Spring ,who is specialized in producing springs for more than 20 years. We have our own steel wire workshop, which can provide high strength spring steel wire for springs. The torsion spring can be customized according to... Contact Now
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