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  • Stainless Steel Compression Springs

    Stainless Steel Compression Springs

    Stainless steel compression springs is produced by Jiangsu Xiangying Hardware Spring Co., Ltd.This kind of spring is mostly used in craft springs,electronics, electrical appliances, daily necessities, gifts, hardware, toys, etc.Stainless steel compression springs are... Contact Now
  • Helical Compression Spring

    Helical Compression Spring

    Helical compression spring can be customized according to your requirement,which is produced by the automatic computer coil spring machine ,with the advantage of high strength fatigue resistance,exported to markets at home and abroad . Contact Now
  • Industrial Compression Springs

    Industrial Compression Springs

    Industrial compression springs can be used for shock absorbers of automobiles, motorcycles and industrial equipment. It can improve the spring strength through heat treatment. It has the characteristics of large force, high strength and strong fatigue resistance.It is molded... Contact Now
  • Conical Compression Springs

    Conical Compression Springs

    Conical compression springs as a non-standard part,are mainly customized according to the customer's drawings or samples. The materials can be made of domestic materials or imported materials to ensure the spring's elasticity and fatigue resistance.the springs are mainly used... Contact Now
  • Tiny Compression Springs

    Tiny Compression Springs

    Tiny compression springs is high strength ,high elasticity ,high fatigue life.Our company is specialized in producing springs for 20 years, including compression springs, tension springs, torsion springs, etc. All springs can be customized according to customer's... Contact Now
  • Micro Compression Springs

    Micro Compression Springs

    Micro compression springs is a spiral cylindrical spring wound from a round wire. They are all one-time molding, and the fatigue life is more than 1 million times.Our company is specialized in the production of springs for more than 20 years. We have advanced computer spring... Contact Now
  • Miniature Compression Springs

    Miniature Compression Springs

    Miniature compression springs are of high precision and are made of internationally imported piano steel wire. Miniature compression springs use multiple open coils to provide resistance to external loads (such as gravity pressing the wheel or the body pressing against the... Contact Now
  • Copper Compression Springs

    Copper Compression Springs

    The main materials of copper compression springs are beryllium bronze and copper. They are mainly used in electronic components and equipment. They have high precision and good electrical conductivity.Our spring engineer experts are particularly good at comprehensive analysis... Contact Now
  • Metal Compression Springs

    Metal Compression Springs

    Metal compression springs is mainly made of high-performance spring steel or alloy steel wire, which has fatigue resistance, and the surface can be galvanized, electrophoresis, sprayed, etc., and has corrosion resistance. Metal compression springs is a kind of elastic element... Contact Now
  • Heavy Duty Compression Springs

    Heavy Duty Compression Springs

    Heavy duty compression springs are mainly used in shock absorbers, automobiles, etc., with high strength and good fatigue resistance. We choose the high-strength alloy steel wire with a diameter of 10.0-80.0mm. We can customize the springs according to the customer's... Contact Now
  • Long Compression Springs

    Long Compression Springs

    Product Introduction Long compression springs are mainly used for industrial sheath with unlimited length. The computer circlip spring machine can adjust any length.The length of long compression springs can be processed and produced according to customer's requirement.... Contact Now
  • Garage Door Extension Springs

    Garage Door Extension Springs

    Garage door extension springs is mainly made of high-strength alloy steel wire, which has the characteristics of elastic, high hardness and strong fatigue life.Extension springs for garage doors are supplied by Xiangying Spring which is is a set of technology development,... Contact Now
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