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  • Helical Torsion Spring

    Helical Torsion Spring

    Helical torsion spring was mainly used in vehicle industry, large furniture industry, etc., with high strength.High strength alloy steel wire was used to produce the helical torsion spring. Large torsion springs are non-standard parts, which can be processed according to the... Contact Now
  • Stainless Steel Garage Door Torsion Springs

    Stainless Steel Garage Door Torsion Springs

    Product Introduction Stainless steel garage door torsion springs are made of high-strength stainless steel wire. They can also be made of imported materials. The surface is galvanized or black. It is environmentally friendly and corrosion-resistant. It can pass the salt spray... Contact Now
  • Large Torsion Springs

    Large Torsion Springs

    Product Description Large torsion springs are also called heavy duty torsion springs. Our torsion spring design is known for its stability. We invested heavily in the latest automatic coilers to ensure design reliability and meet your demand. Xiangying spring products are... Contact Now
  • Hinge Torsion Spring

    Hinge Torsion Spring

    Hinge torsion spring mounted on the door hinge, will have an effect on your door, just as the "bandido" in the old Western movie suddenly came out of the two doors, but the door was out of reach. It will be closed again. Door hinge torsion spring is usually mounted around an... Contact Now
  • Gate Torsion Spring

    Gate Torsion Spring

    Gate torsion spring is usually above your gate,end in metal pieces called cones, and connected to a metal tube.In general, what is the case to choose springs for our gate?If your door spring is just above your garage door, you can choose a gate torsion spring.The word torsion... Contact Now
  • Torsion Spring for Hair Clips

    Torsion Spring for Hair Clips

    Torsion springs for hair clips are made of carbon steel,stainless steel,piano steel and so on.This kind of torsion spring has the characteristic of small shape, resisting high temperature, use at commodity tool more, various kinds of clip, jewelry,as well as toys.Xiangying... Contact Now
  • High Carbon Steel Wire

    High Carbon Steel Wire

    High carbon steel wire is mainly used for the production of spring and mattress steel wire. The carbon content is 0.60-0.70, which has the advantages of High strength and long service life.The surface of spring steel wire is phosphated or oiled.The tensile strength mainly... Contact Now
  • Medium Carbon Steel Wire

    Medium Carbon Steel Wire

    Medium carbon steel wire has a carbon content of 0.45. It is mainly used for manufacturing screw steel wire, tyre steel wire, banding wire, etc., if it has good tensile toughness and long fatigue life.The surface treatment of medium carbon steel wire is phosphating or oiling. Contact Now
  • Low Carbon Steel Wire

    Low Carbon Steel Wire

    Low carbon steel wire has Low carbon content. Common materials are HPB195, HPB235, 45#,60#, used in the manufacture of steel wire bending parts or screw steel wire, the production of galvanized wire, ligature wire, nail, welded mesh, ore mesh etc. It is popular in southeast... Contact Now
  • JIS G 3521

    JIS G 3521

    jis g 3521 is mainly made of 65#-70# high carbon steel wire with high strength, long service life and other advantages.It is mainly exported to Europe, United States and the domestic large-scale mattress manufacturing factory. jis g 3521 is also used for steel wire for... Contact Now
  • Carbon Steel Wire

    Carbon Steel Wire

    Carbon steel wire is a large and widely used product for spring applications.It is mainly used for making brake lines, straight filament tubes and other products. Its characteristics are high tensile strength and straight straightness. The tensile strength is mainly made... Contact Now
  • Oil Tempered Steel Wire

    Oil Tempered Steel Wire

    Oil tempered steel wire is a cold drawn, heat treated wire,and widely used in many different applications in the automotive industry, but mainly suspension springs and valve springs. Its characteristics are high tensile strength, good hardness, strong fatigue resistance test... Contact Now