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The Industry Pattern Of Spring
Sep 07, 2018

For the spring industry, has long been the formation of low-grade ordinary spring oversupply, high-end products (high strength, high stress, the opposite sex, special materials) in short supply of the passive situation. China's spring industry output has become saturated, according to experts statistics of China's spring annual production has reached 4 billion, all kinds of spring products a total of 21 large categories, more than 1600 varieties, mainly valve springs, suspension springs, diaphragm springs, shock absorber Springs, hydraulic springs, oil pump springs, Disc springs, high-temperature springs, circlip, pull spring, torsion spring, Pressure spring, vortex coil spring and the opposite sex spring. Spring industry in the "85", "95" period of development is relatively fast, especially in Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shandong, Changchun, Chongqing and other areas of rapid development, and other areas have different degrees of development, generally better than other industries. Cars, motorcycles, motor vehicles, internal combustion engines, electrical, instrumentation and so on, the development of these industries will drive the development of the spring industry. In the face of macroeconomic situation, the long-term accumulation of product quality is low, the organization structure is loose, the contradiction of weak development ability is further prominent, from the deep excavation, mainly market, system and mechanism problems industry insight researchers believe that with the national economy from the seller's market to the buyer's markets, some deep contradictions, In particular, the structural contradictions accumulated over the years have become increasingly prominent. The unreasonable performance of the current industrial structure is: Some industry overcapacity, product structure is unreasonable, the technical structure is unreasonable, the main industrial equipment level is low, the enterprise organization scale is small and scattered, lacks the competitive strength and the superiority, the regional structure convergence, failed to embody the comparative advantage and the cooperation benefit.