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The Development Of Spring
Sep 07, 2018

The spring industry is a small industry throughout the manufacturing sector, but its role is absolutely not to be underestimated. The country's industrial manufacturing, automotive industry to speed up the development, and as the basis for one part of the spring industry is more need to have a development of the lead time, in order to adapt to the rapid development of the country's entire industry. In addition, the expansion of spring product scale, quality level is also the need for upgrading of machinery and equipment and supporting the performance of the host, so the development of the entire national industry, spring products are playing an important role. Commodity industry and hardware industry, including lighters, toys, locks, door hinges, fitness equipment, mattresses, sofas and so on, in terms of quantity, the largest demand for spring, the number of Bai, technical requirements are not high, the price is very low, generally by scattered throughout the small spring factory production, they have a unique advantage in cost, Big Spring mills are hard to compete with. As a result, the emergence of new spring enterprises, in the future, market demand will be 7%~10% annual growth rate.

After China's accession to WTO, the export volume of daily hardware products has increased obviously, the demand of spring has been pulled, but the international market has its uncertain side because of the demand of international market and the influence of trade barriers.