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Coating Treatment Of Steel Wire
Sep 07, 2018

coating treatment on the surface of the non-glossy coating of the steel wire coated with a layer of metal or alloy, one of the purposes is to make steel wire anticorrosion to improve its service life, such as galvanized (see steel wire hot-dip galvanized, steel wire galvanized), aluminum, galvanized aluminum alloy, etc. the second is to make the steel wire has certain special performance, such In order to ensure a good combination of steel wire and rubber, the former requires copper plating, brass plating (see Steel wire plating brass) or bronze plating, while the latter requires brass plating. The production of coated steel wire in the process of arrangement, some of the first plating after pulling, that is, the plating process is arranged in the finished product before drawing, some of the first after the plating, that is, steel wire in the finished product after the plating. Generally, in the requirements of steel wire surface coating bright, dense and has a higher strength, the use of the first plating after pulling, and in the steel wire surface requirements are not very high, the strength and toughness of the finished product has no special requirements, but the plating weight has a certain requirement when the first pull after plating.