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Parameters of Spring Compression springs
Sep 07, 2018


The meaning of each representation in the above formula is:

g = shear modulus of elasticity [MPa, PSI] (g value size: Wire 8000, stainless steel 7200)

D = wire diameter [mm, in]

n = number of active laps [-]

D = center diameter [mm, in]

K = Spring factor [n/mm, Lb/in]

This formula is the formula for calculating the stiffness of the spring, and the stiffness multiplied by the work stroke is equal to the working force of the spring . By means of the above formula, we can conclude that the parameters of the compression spring must consist of: material, wire diameter, center diameter, number of effective coils, total length of spring, working height, demand strength. If the force is not specifically required for the spring, can not provide the operating height of the spring and the parameters of the demand strength