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Main parameters of torsion spring
Sep 07, 2018

D (Spring wire diameter): This parameter describes the diameter of the spring line.

Dd (spindle maximum diameter): This parameter describes the maximum diameter of the spring shaft in industrial applications, with a tolerance of ± 2%. Di (inner diameter): The inner diameter of the spring is equal to the outer diameter minus twice times the line diameter.

During operation, the inner diameter of the torsion spring can be reduced to the spindle diameter,

Inner diameter tolerance ± 2%. De (outside diameter): equals the bore diameter plus twice times the line diameter.

When the torsion spring is in operation, the outside diameter will be smaller, tolerance (±2%±0.1) mm.

L0 (natural length): note: The natural length decreases during operation and the tolerance is ± 2%.

Ls (support length): This is the length of the shaft to spring support from the spring ring body, tolerance ± 2%.

An (maximum twist angle): Torsion spring maximum twist angle, tolerance ± 15 degrees.

Fn (max load): Maximum force allowed on torsion spring support, tolerance ± 15%.

Mn (maximum torque): Maximum permissible torque (Newton * mm), tolerance ± 15%. R (Spring stiffness): This parameter determines the resistance of the spring when working.

Unit Newton * mm/degree, tolerance ± 15%.

A1 & F1 & M1:(twist angle, load and torque): The following formula calculates the twist angle A1 = m1/r. Knowing the load, the available formula M = F*ls computes the torque.

Support Position: Torsion spring is supported in four positions: 0°, 90°,180° and 270° Helix direction: The right-hand spring is rotated counterclockwise and the left-handed spring rotates clockwise.

All of our springs can be produced in both rotary direction. Spring Part number: Each type of spring has a corresponding number: category. (De * 10). (d * 100). (N * 100). For the right-handed spring, the relevant mark is D. For the left-handed spring, the relevant mark is G. The N notation indicates the number of laps. For example: d.028.020.0350 Part number means right twist spring, outside diameter 2.8 mm, stainless steel wire diameter 0.9 mm, total 3.5 laps.